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Can You Feel It? On Psychedelic Microdosing

[...] Microdosing, beyond the sub-perceptual, for solving currently relevant complex procedural and social-emotional problems that require innovative solutions. [...] Warning: the serotonin system is involved in regulating energy metabolism, social status (including resource access priority such as to food and mates), and psychedelics may lead to a challenging re-evaluation of priorities. [...] (Read more)

D. W. Woolley, the Serotonin Hypothesis and the Genesis of Psychopharmacology

[...] The view that biochemistry had no stake in the brain was soon to change after a series of discoveries about serotonin in the early 1950s. [...] Psychosis and mania are characterized in part by an over-ascription of meaning, and depression with a lack of meaning, consistent with Woolley’s work on the hyper- and hypo-serotonergic effects on bipolar psychosis. (Read more)

Does Dream Content Predict Cognitive Abilities?

[...] REM dreams reflect the use of existing experience to solve cognitively challenging learning tasks requiring innovative solutions (Smith, 2012). We hypothesize that reasoning and working memory would be positively related to dream experiences of good fortune and success, and negatively related to experiences of misfortune. [...] (Read more)

Brief Moments in Darknet History

[...] 2011: New era of potential dawns for psychedelics as they soar through international mail. 2013 - Ross Ulbricht trialed as 'Dread Pirate Roberts,' Silk road shuts down. Soon after, Silk Road 2 opens. [...] (Read more)