Brief Moments in Darknet History

2000s – Untested research chemicals like 25i-NBOMe start to hit the market, often sold as “LSD.”

2008 – Albert Hofmann dies on Apr 29.

2011 – The Silk Road opens, skyrockets BTC trade. Price of LSD declines. New era of LSD dawns as it soars through international mail disguised as plain white paper.

2012 – Imperial College publish their controversial psilocybin neuroimaging results, drawing a new mass of the academic world to psychedelics once again.

2013 – Founder of SilkRoad Ross Ulbricht trialed as ‘Dread Pirate Roberts;’ Silk road shuts down. Soon after, Silk Road 2 opens.

2013 – Erowid publishes warning about increasing malignant spread and sale of toxic NBOMe as “LSD.”

2014 – LSD Avengers begin using chromatography and other testing on darknet LSD samples and publishing results (e.g. Energy Control), holding LSD vendors accountable for their products. [The group has recently been declared corrupt for taking bribes to forge false Energy Control reports.]

2014 – Silk road 2 shuts down, Agora continues to become largest DNM throughout 2015. Evolution market shuts down with $12M exit scam from escrow BTC.

2015 – Market diversification, improvements of escrow services and decentralization.

2015 – DNM vendors Top Gear UK (TGUK), JesusofRave (JoR) and Trust and others credited with starting LSD price war–driving competition

2016 – Relative period of DNM stability, pure LSD crystal easily available by the gram worldwide. Producers ever closer to the market, removing layers of middlemen. LSD prices continue to drop below $2/100µg, combat NBOMe sales to take back the market.

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