Brief Moments in Darknet History

2000s – Research chemicals like 25i-NBOMe start to hit the market, often sold as “LSD.”

2008 – Albert Hofmann dies on Apr 29.

2011 – The Silk Road opens, skyrockets BTC trade. Price of LSD declines. New era of potential dawns for psychedelics as they soar through international mail.

2012 – Imperial College publish their controversial psilocybin neuroimaging results, drawing the discerning eyes of the academic world to psychedelics once again.

2013 – Ross Ulbricht trialed as ‘Dread Pirate Roberts,’ Silk road shuts down. Soon after, Silk Road 2 opens.

2013 – Erowid publishes warning about increasing malignant spread and sale of toxic NBOMe as “LSD.”

2014 – LSD Avengers begin using chromatography and other testing on darknet LSD samples and publishing results (e.g. Energy Control), holding LSD vendors accountable for their products. The group has recently been declared corrupt for taking bribes to forge Energy Control reports.

2014 – Silk road 2 shut down, Agora continues to become largest DNM throughout 2015. Evolution market shuts down with $12M exit scam from escrow BTC.

2015 – Market diversification, improvements of escrow services and decentralization.

2015 – DNM vendors Top Gear UK (TGUK), JesusofRave (JoR) and Trust and others credited with starting LSD price war–driving competition

2016 – Relative period of DNM stability, pure LSD crystal easily available by the gram worldwide. Producers ever closer to the market, removing layers of middlemen. LSD prices continue to drop below $2/100µg, combat NBOMe sales to take back the market.